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Acne Facials

Visible Reduction of Acne in 6 weeks!

Recommended by leading Aestheticians to help treat Acne & Scarring

Performed by trained Beauticians who have a certificate from:

“London Academy of Advanced Skincare”

Revolutionary new formulations with high strength complex formulations, incorporated in a special Nano-liposomal delivery system, which can penetrate the denser skin layers, making them more effective in the targeted area.


  • Reduce Acne & Scarring
  • Prevent Acne breakouts
  • Treat Acne
  • Smooth scars
  • Reduce dark marks left by Acne

*These facials are performed once a week for 6 weeks, together with maintenance creams.

Remarkable visible results can be seen immediately, with a significant reduction of dark patches over a 6 week- period.

The Acne facials can also be used by clients who are already taking antibiotics or on Roaccutane.

For all skin types