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Why do Dermatologists recommend Pharmaclinix® products?

There are many skincare products in the market with exaggerated claims. It is essential to get professional advise from the Aesthetic Dermatologists or Pharmacists, who have been trained in skincare. They will recommend products that have a strong science & proven clinical evidence provided by Research Laboratories.

Pharmaclinix® Advanced Cosmeceuticals are now prescribed by over 1,000 leading Aesthetic dermatologists across the world. All the products contain high concentrations of clinically proven ingredients, which have been reviewed by Dermatologists for safety & efficacy.

The latest research, techniques & ingredients have been used, which have shown much better results than the older therapies, especially for Skin types 3-5


Want the best results for all facial cosmetic procedures?

Pharmaclinix® Advanced Cosmeceuticals is a unique range which has gained popularity with leading Dermatologists due to its proven efficacy, with minimal side-effects.

Pharmaclinix® is the brand-leader in Professional Skincare for Hyperpigmenatation, scarring & stretchmarks.

Pharmaclinix® is the only Cosmeceutical range that addresses the Derma-Cosmetic challenges, using preparations for Pre-procedures, Post-procedure & minimize any potential skin damage, that may arise due to long-term Problems.

  • Enhance your Cosmetic Results
  • Eliminate potential damage
  • Reduce skin trauma

Pharmaclinix® Advanced Cosmeceuticals, UK, is especially developed for Cosmetic Practitioners, using high concentrations of clinically-proven complex of Actives:

Pharmaclinix® recommended by over 1,000 Aestheticians worldwide!

Below are some of the Dermatologists who recommend Pharmaclinix® products:

Some of the leading Aesthetic Dermatologists around the world who recommend Pharmaclinix®: